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Cushion Compacts

I absolutely adore K-beauty. I have been so impressed with Korean skincare products I wanted to see if their cosmetics lines share their dedication to giving you the best skin possible. Long story short, they do!

For me skin comes first. I just can’t get behind the idea of using foundation to spackle your face to the point that it loses your natural beauty. I want my foundation to make my skin both look and feel fresh and lustrous. I haven’t had much success with finding base makeup that helps me reach my skincare goals until I tried cushion compacts.

These babies were developed in Korea, and have taken off like wildfire throughout the world. Basically, a cushion compact is an amped up version of BB or CC cream with lighter consistencies and easier application than their predecessors. These innovative formulas focus on illuminating and hydrating the skin while also fighting against aging, inflammation, and the sun.

Cushion compacts are generally designed to give a very sheer and natural application. I have really enjoyed the move away from spurting out and spreading thick creams onto my face and instead tapping light layers of the soft, velvety formula into my skin. Unfortunately, if you have areas that need heavy duty coverage  you will need a separate concealer to take care of business. However to its benefit,  since the foundation is so light and airy, it can be easily reapplied throughout the day without looking fake or cakey.

Application Tips: 

  • Use a mattifying primer if you have oily skin before applying the foundation
  • Start at the center of the face and blot the  puff applicator into the skin moving in an outwards direction. This will provide the most natural finish and helps to avoid the visible line on the outer corners of your face where your makeup ends
  • Apply translucent powder liberally to keep yourself from becoming a greaseball
  • Reapply the product throughout the day to maintain your SPF coverage
  • Flip the cushion with tweezers when product starts to run low
  • Wash sponges regularly with lukewarm water and mild soap
  • Typically packaged with  an airtight seal to keep liquid fresh, but it will dry out if you don’t remember to close the lid

Stay tuned for reviews of my favorite cushion compacts!

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