DIY Sheet Masks

Skincare is my hobby. It can get pretty expensive keeping up with the latest trends or latest highly rated miracle product. So, if there’s an affordable way to get beautiful, healthy skin, I’ll jump on the opportunity.  Facials are definitely something that quickly devour my budget and, unless they include extractions or peels, I usually can’t justify the cost. Hydrating treatments are definitely something you can do at home, and I’ve seen greater improvements to my skin with regular treatments instead of spontaneous splurges at beauty salons.

In this post, I’ll show you how to improve the efficacy of products you already own and create a treatment that will give you more soft and supple skin. I use a simple cotton pad mask to accomplish this. I like creating my own sheet mask since I can customize how I treat different areas of my face. It’s also more comfortable to wear than the face packs found in stores since my way sticks to your face without having an annoying nose flap or weird hanging pieces.

A sheet mask provides an intensive moisturizing experience and increases the absorption of active ingredients into your skin much better than just tapping them in. For my DIY sheet masks I target specific skincare concerns with ingredients that will improve the condition of that area.  For example, if my chin is healing from acne I apply a cotton strip soaked in snail mucin to that area. For areas that tend to be more dry, like my forehead, I apply a strip drenched in hyaluronic acid. For my cheeks, I like to apply a cotton pad doused in a brightening agent that will help give me that glow.

facial cotton

I recommend trying products with high concentrations of the ingredients listed below as the power source behind your DIY sheet mask. If the percentages are not listed, a general rule of thumb is that the  ingredients at the beginning of the list have the most presence in the product.



Hyaluronic acid– This is a humectant that adds moisture to skin and reduces inflammation.
My pick- Su-man Velvet Skin Brightening Serum

-This is an antioxidant that helps with hyper-pigmentation and improves elasticity.
My pick – Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence

Vitamin C– This is a melanin inhibitor that adds moisture and helps brighten skin.
My pick- Sarah Chapman Age-Related Serum

cosrcx.jpgSnail Secretion Filtrate-Also known as snail mucin helps promote wound healing, improves the appearance of acne, and boosts collagen production.
My pick- Corsx Advanced Snail 96 Power Essence

Saccharomymisshatimeces Ferment Filtrate– This is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that hydrates and combats the signs of aging.
My pick- Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence 


  1. Water
  2. Shiseido Facial Cotton
  3. Serum, Essence, and/or Hydrating Lotion
  4. Ice Cubes


  1. Double cleanse and tone face
  2. Soak a face towel in hot water and wring it out of excess fluid. Make sure the warmth is comfortable enough to touch before applying to face. Next, gently spread the towel over you face and relax while your pores open and become more receptive to skincare products.
  3.  Wet a cotton pad with water and gently stretch out the cotton material to increase the surface area.
  4. Saturate a cotton pad on both sides with your favorite essence, serum, or hydrating lotion. Compress the sheet in your hands so that the cotton is evenly soaked in your skincare formula. If you want a multimasking facial dedicate an individual cotton pad to each skincare product.
  5.  Next, peel apart the pad into thin layers. Each Shiseido cotton pad should pull apart into 3-5 thin layers.
  6. Cover your face in sections with a single layer of soaked cotton strips starting from the chin and working your way upwards to the forehead.
  7. Let the sheet mask soak on your face for 5-10 minutes before peeling off the cotton pads from the skin.
  8. After the mask is removed, massage your skin with ice cubes wrapped in plastic to tighten your pores again.
  9. You’re now done with this quick facial treatment! There’s no reason to wash your face again since the residual product will continue to feed the skin with beneficial ingredients.

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