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Dose of Colors Brush Review

Dose of Colors are masters of aesthetics. I love that their instagram regularly features girls who don’t fit into just one mold of what beauty is. I wish more brands embraced the beauty and artistic skills of the girl bosses of the internet instead of just defining beauty as the London Look.

I’m definitely not a glam girl, I want my beauty looks to look like real skin. To put my best face forward, I focus on using the right products and techniques to enhance my look while still remaining true to myself. One of the ways I achieve this is by using the beautiful and elegant makeup brushes from Dose of Colors.

Each brush in the Dose of Color’s collection looks absolutely gorgeous on my vanity with their rose gold metallic band and long white handle. I enjoy getting ready with beautiful tools, but I also need the products to deliver real results if they are to stay a part of my beauty arsenal. The Dose of Colors brushes have been the perfect tools to make my makeup look beautiful and natural.

All of the brushes in the collection are labeled on the handle by their type, but don’t be afraid to experiment with brushes for different purposes. Keep reading for my thoughts on some of the individual brushes and how I use them. I have the Blending Brush ($18), Angled Contour Brush ($24), Concealer Brush ($16),  Tapered Blush Brush ($24), and Pencil Brush ($16) in my toolkit so far, and can’t wait to add more to my collection!

Angled Contour Brush–  I don’t personally contour with angled contour brushes, but I always pick this brush to apply blush. The synthetic bristles pack on the color for nice perky cheeks.


Tapered Blush Brush -I use this to set my entire face with my Laura Mercier translucent powder, and I love how this brush applies powder very lightly. The tapered end helps create a smooth and sheer finish so you don’t have to worry about looking ghostly in photos.


Blending Brush – This is my favorite brush in my kit. I think the best everyday eye look is one with soft light on the lids and depth in the creases. The tapered end on this eye brush is perfect for blurring and blending your transition shade into the crease of your lid.


Pencil Brush– I like toning down harsh eyeliner with eyeshadows on my lower lashline for a more smooth, smokey look. It’s also just the right size to highlight the inner corner of the eye.


Concealer Brush– I usually apply concealer with domed brushes, so I use this the least of the brushes I own. It’s decently stiff, which makes it a good option if you want to apply primer or creamy color onto your lids.

Overall, I think these brushes are great at making makeup feel approachable and wearable. They also hold up well during cleaning, and synthetic brushes in general are more hygienic than animal hair.


+ Soft bristles
+ Cruelty-Free
+ Multi-tasking brushes
+ Durable
+ High quality synthetic fibers


–  The shipping cost will always be $5.95 regardless of items purchased on the DOC website. The shipping container is specially made for Dose of Colors, but I’d rather have free shipping after spending a certain threshold than decorative shipping packaging.
– Mostly available online
– Sold individually, no kits available 😦

Rating 4.4/5

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