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Five Favorites: Beauty YouTubers

I’m continuing my Five Favorites series with a post on my top 5 YouTube beauty gurus! 

1. Kaushal Beauty

My favorite YouTube channel of all time.  She has such a bubbly personality that’s honestly such a joy to watch. She is from the UK and has a ton of unique Indian themed beauty looks, glam makeup tutorials, and product demonstrations. I love that her makeup tutorials focus on making your skin look natural and beautiful. So, if you want a breath of fresh air from the overly sculpted and plastic beauty looks that are swarming Instagram and YouTube, her channel is the place to be.

2. Marianna Hewitt

Her latest YouTube videos are the type that are obviously sponsored and seem a bit inauthentic, but she wasn’t always like that. Her earlier videos were lighthearted, fun, and less scripted which I loved!  But honestly, she’s so beautiful I’d buy anything I see her using in the (misguided) hope that I’ll turn into a California dream girl. She still posts absolutely stunning instagram photos that I use for inspiration for my beauty and fashion choices.

3.Teni Panosian

She posts a lot of very similar beauty looks, but she knows what works for her and owns it. If you are looking for tips on subtle contouring and making your skin glow with makeup she definitely is the channel for you.  She always posts everything she uses in the description box so you can easily recreate the looks she carefully explains in her video on your own.

4. Chriselle Lim

I found Chriselle’s channel when I was looking for the scoop on Asian beauty products. She’s probably has the least energy on camera of my favorites, but her content is both beautiful and thoughtfully organized.

5. AndreasChoice

She’s the one that started my  beauty binging on YouTube. She doesn’t post that much anymore, but her video collection is an excellent resource for DIY beauty and life hacks. She also has a penchant for drugstore makeup so most of her tutorials would be relatively inexpensive to recreate.

3 thoughts on “Five Favorites: Beauty YouTubers

  1. Both Kaushal and Andreas Choice have an amazing personality,they give a positive vibe always.I love watching Kaushals makeup tutorials,when I first subscribed to her she was just starting out and I remember thinking this woman is going to be big,which eventually came true.Nice post x


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