Pokémon Beauty is Here!

It’s been almost two months since the launch of the Pokémon Go app, and the popularity of the game has soared to unimaginable heights. Due to security reasons the game has not yet launched in Korea,  but that doesn’t stop Tony Moly from riding the sudden wave of demand for all things Pokémon. Yes, that’s right the Korean beauty brand, Tony Moly, has obtained the rights to add Pokémon to your beauty game.

I can now report that the limited edition line of Pokémon themed beauty products has just hit stores! To date, the collection features hand creams and face washes, and I hear cushion compacts and sheet masks will be released very soon!

The Pokémon are labeled under their Korean names which to me makes them feel more unique. The collection currently has 8 different hand creams each with their own scent and character. All the hand creams are formulated with ceramides, and are priced at $9.45 for a 30 ML tube. I think these would make a great novelty gift for the Pokémon lovers in your life. I included a translated guide for the hand creams to help you catch ’em all.

1. Pikachu- Vanilla
2. Charmander/Fairi Grapefruit
3. Bulbasaur/Isangheesi Green Tea
4. Squirtle/Kkobugi Lotus
5. Jigglypuff/Purin- Peach
6.Togepi- Lemon
7. Snorlax/Jammanbo- Lavender
8. Eevee- Powder

I found a few of the items in the collection available for purchase at  If you are interested in ordering from that website you can enter my sponsor code 2942277308 to get $5 off your first purchase! All items are shipped directly from Korea, so it will take a few days to arrive if you live in America.

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