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Five Favorites: Netflix Content

I’m expanding my Five Favorites series to feature some of my non-beauty loves at the moment, and in this post I’ll be reviewing shows/movies available on Netflix. These aren’t necessarily cinematic masterpieces, but they bring me joy or intrigue me.

1. Stranger Things


An eight episode Netflix Original that was released this summer to thunderous applause from critics. This sci-fi mystery is paced to feel more like a movie in order to immerse you into the story without the fillers that plague network television. I don’t know of any other series that blends beautifully nostalgic music, suspense, efficient storytelling, and endearing characters together as well as this show. The only real star power the show-runners cast was the 80’s icon Winona Ryder, but the relatively unknown child actors truly stole the show with career launching performances.

2. Gilmore Girls


Luke and Lorelei are my favorite TV couple ever. I was apparently living under a rock when the show aired on the CW, (I blame the networks decision to make this go toe-to-toe with the Friends time-slot), but I quickly fell in love with Stars Hollow as I binge watched the series on Netflix. I was so surprised with how brilliant the writing was considering most other CW productions drive their ratings from the beauty of their actors instead of by the substance of their content. I’d say a line of dialogue is never wasted on this show, and the writing expertly breathes life into the lovable eccentricities of its characters. No matter how small the role, each character builds the framework for one of the most charming casts on television.

3. Walking Dead


I’m continuously tormented by how this show makes killing off beloved characters a question of when instead of if. Unlike the spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, the cast is actually likeable and now that we’re at season 6 each death feels like it could unravel the very fabric of what has made this show great. However, the storylines are so intense I always find myself captivated with how the group picks up the pieces following tragedy, and displays unwavering fierceness against impossible odds.

4. Witches of East End


I think it’s fair to say my childhood effectively ended once the last Harry Potter movie premiered, but this show does a great job reminding me of the allure of the wizarding world. Witches of East End only lasted 2 seasons on Lifetime, but in its short life you were introduced to heroes, villains, and a love story that transcends time. This is definitely the most soap opera-esque of my picks, but sometimes you need a light-hearted silly show after zombie attacks and Lucille.

5. Practical Magic


Witches of East End rekindled my fascination with magic, but Practical Magic was definitely the catalyst for my adoration of all things hocus-pocus. The movie follows two sisters who are doomed from ever experiencing lasting love, and they are also rejected by their community because of their witchy heritage. Unlike Bewitched, Nicole Kidman, actually has a strong, dimensional character that juxtaposes Sandra Bullock’s demure presence on-screen. I don’t have particularly high expectations for rom-coms, but I thought the focus on sisterly bonds made this film something special.

What Netflix shows are you streaming? Let me know in the comments of anything you think I should be watching! Also, feel free to connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

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